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SALSAH provides free CPR and Basic Life Support Skills training to everyone. Many states don't require public high schools to train students in CPR. Since effective bystander CPR can boost survival chances by up to 3X and 88% of cardiac incidents occur at home, learning these life-saving interventions benefits all.

Our team will come to you and provide free training in Hands-Only CPR with Airway Management, and any other basic life support skills that are important for members of your community to know. Providing training in CPR takes only 15 minutes for 10 individuals, so sign up to today and make your community safer!

Educational Resources

Hands-Only CPR is only 3 steps: Call 911, Get an AED, and Press hard and fast on the patient's chest.

The Automated External Defibrillator is used to analyze the heart rhythm and provide a shock if needed to restore the normal heart rhythm.

When someone is choking place your fist above the navel and push upwards and inwards into the abdomen.


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